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Your Guide On Saving Money


Welcome to pstinbc.ca! a blog that educates and empowers you about simple and practical ways of saving money.


We are the money advisors for all levels of income earners. Are you a spendthrift? Do you need someone to hold your finances back?


Do you need tips, advice, and guides on the best way to save money? If yes, then this is the site for you.

About Us

We are a team of financial experts dedicated to ensuring you have the best money-saving skills that guarantee you personal economic development irrespective of your income.


We provide tailored financial solutions to ensure you have extra money for the dream holiday or that dream car that you think it’s impossible to have. We guarantee we have practical tips that are simplified to suit different needs.


You will have all the money-saving tips that will improve your financial base as an individual and a business entity.

Learn From Us

We have several training sessions, which are short courses to help you reach your ultimate financial goals.

The training has different objectives. Choose the training program that suits you to get the best financial advice that guarantees you maximum financial benefits.

The programs include

  • How to save money daily
  • Budgeting tips for professionals
  • Financial literacy for business start-ups
  • Investment opportunities that need little income
  • Personal financial strategies to keep more

Expert Advice

Saving money is an individual decision, and it needs commitment, sacrifice, and patience to reach your ultimate goal. Learn from the best and practice within your needs; you will get there.

Knowledge is power! Poverty is in your mind. You are the driver of your financial journey; take charge and see results.

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