About Us

What we Do

We engage experts in the field to provide you with modern and digital ways to help you save money in the fast-moving world.


We have virtual meetings to have online interactions with the experts to give you a customized financial advice service.


We also hold workshops, conferences, and seminars with a specific target group to have a comprehensive capacity-building forum on money.


Some target groups include SMEs, salaried individuals, groups, small-scale businesses, financial professionals, and self-employed individuals.

We aim at giving value to time and money. Most of our forums are free apart from the high-level ones that need high-level expertise, which we need to pay.


We also have a library of financial resources to also give you tips at the comfort of your home.


The books are available in both audio and digital versions to help you know about your disposal.


We have a community forum page on our website where you also get to share ideas and experiences with full access to the expertise for information.


We want people to chase money but also have a quality life. We demystify the notion that saving money means sacrificing the quality of life.

We give advice and tips that give you a balanced and quality life irrespective of your income level.