Building a Business While Helping Your Fellow Man… Mold Removal

If you’re a practical person looking to start a trade that will improve both people’s lives and the overall environment, mold remediation may be the right profession for you. Mold is a huge problem today, especially since research has revealed just how harmful it can be for those who are exposed to it. A mold growth can occur because of several reasons – flooding, bad home insulation and so on. Regardless of its source, it needs to be gotten rid of ASAP or it starts to seriously damage the health of the inhabitants of the affected house – eye diseases, breathing problems like asthma and brain damage are just a few of the health conditions directly attributed to mold; the aged, infants and children are most prone to its effects. To compound the problem further, mold isn’t covered by your standard home insurance policy.

A third party mold remediation business is usually hired by the affected homeowner to take care of the mold and they pay big bucks for it. But don’t get ahead of yourself; your first priority should be getting a certification for mold remediation – it isn’t mandatory, but it will certainly make you stand out from the competition. Or, if you’re really business savvy, you can hire a certified mold removal crew to work for you – you can handle the business end while they take care of the mold. In any case, your next step should be purchasing the necessary tools. Mold removal requires specific equipment – typically, you’ll need to get testing kits, HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuums, wet vacuums and disposal supplies. There are a number of new techniques that allow for high efficiency, fast mold removal and an increasingly popular one is dry ice blasting; consider investing into equipment for this procedure if your intended clientele will include moderately sized businesses and other establishments that cannot remain closed for long.

You’ll also need to advertise your business. For this purpose, your first stop should be local insurance companies. Normally, when a homeowner discovers mold in their home, their insurance agent is the individual they call first thing to see if their insurance covers mold remediation. This is why being on the agents’ list of referable mold removal companies is a good idea for you. You should also talk to mold inspectors – these are the professionals homeowners hire to test for and diagnose mold related problems in their homes. Or, if you think that you need to earn hands-on experience first, you can create a partnership with an established mold remediation business like the Mold Remediation Experts and perform mold removal for their customers.

Mold remediation is a home improvement niche which always has a high demand, all you need to do is play your cards right and you’ll have a profitable, growing business after very little time. However, mold removal is also plagued with dishonest inspectors and remediators who exaggerate the problem (in some cases they don’t even properly address it) and try to swindle homeowners of their hard earned money. Stay extremely wary of such businesses and make sure that you establish yourself as an honest, professional mold remediator that offers excellent customer support. Just take a look at this video on shady mold removal business’s. Not something you want to be a part of.