Featured Business: Hydrovac Edmonton

As the owner of Hydrovac-Edmonton, I can certainly tell you that there is no better excavation experience like the one you are going to get with hydrovac excavation. Not only do we offer this type of excavation, we also offer trenching, drilling, locating and cleanups around Edmonton and the surrounding area for over 10 years. Being a successful business owner counts on high customer satisfaction. If you aren’t giving the customers what they want, they aren’t going to use your services. My hydrovac service is highly dependable and customers love it because of how easy and convenient it is. If you aren’t completely sure as to why you should use my service, just keep reading and I will set your mind at ease.

Traditional excavation involves a lot of heavy machinery, loud noise and safety issues. There is also the potential for damage underground such as broken pipes, gas lines and power lines. Not only is that inconvenient, it also costs a lot of time and money to repair the damage. With my Hydrovac system, there are no worries when it comes to the safety of the crew, pipes and soil. The Hydrovac system made up of high pressure jets that are used to loosen the soil or material that needs to be removed. Then the system uses a vacuum from either a displacement blower or a standard fan system. The van system is quicker and can move air in large amounts while being easily operated. On the other hand, you have the positive displacement blower which is capable of moving the air at larger distances and go deeper into the soil. My Hydrovac system is also very accurate, lowering the odds of a broken pipe that was not seen. I can tell you that not only do we specialize in excavation, we also deal with pile holes, line locating, daylighting, shoring, culvert cleaning and manhole cleaning. All of these are done with ease when using the Hydrovac system rather than traditional excavation. The line locating that we do can be easily compromised while performing traditional excavation. We use the line locating to locate buried utilities, mapping, GPS, identifying line or pipeline crossings, locating corner pins and much more. I am also a firm believer in being environmentally friendly, this is why the Hydrovac is a GREEN choice. It minimizes dust and debris, it is the most effective way to remove and clean up harmful and toxic spills and it can be preformed precisely without disturbing the surrounding flora and fauna leaving out the possibility of erosion.

I want all of our customers to be satisfied and this is why we have made it possible for Hydrovac trucks to be used in a variety of industries that require material to be removed which includes civil, municipal, oil and gas, utility providers, residential construction and more. We want to have the most options available for our customers so that we can provide you with outstanding services and choices.

Shaune Vasseur is the owner of Hydrovac Edmonton. When Shaune is not busy in his truck, he is finding new ways to market and brand his business. Visit Hydrovac Edmonton’s website or follow them on Facebook.